Week Three: Seawheeze Training Recap

Three weeks into my Seawheeze training and I am FINALLY starting to feel good about my running. I am remaining disciplined and not trying to run fast but in all honesty, I do not feel like my body has any speed in it at the moment. It does not bother me though because I do not want to risk injury by going too fast, too early. For the week, I logged 23.43 miles.


IMG_1335This was an emotional run because it came on Memorial Day. The route I ran took my past a cemetery which had erected a huge American Flag display on its grounds. Apparently, this is an annual event because there were numerous vehicles circling the property. A 30-minute run the first two weeks of training, this easy run bumped up to 35 this week.


I am now a believer in yoga as part of running training. This practice is from the Seawheeze app and really geared toward runners. It is a very simple 40-minute session but I feel like it has really helped erase all the pains I was having in my leg when I embarked on this training program. It is posted on YouTube and can be found here.


IMG_1334The speed-work day of the week yet I decided to just log the time. My leg is feeling much better now but I do not see the need to push my training just yet. There are still several weeks to go before the race, no need to risk injury here. It turned out to be a fun 35-minute run along the beach with Andrea.


For the second week in a row, I skipped cross training today. In my defense, I had been unsuccessfully  fighting off a cold and was feeling really drained. I was leaving town Friday after work and needed to pack. I know I am lacking in core strength so I have to get better about doing this workout.


This was my first deviation from the training program. The app called for a five-mile run but since I was in San Diego for the Rock ‘n Roll half marathon, I opted for a three-mile shakeout run with my friends at PRO Compression.


photo credit: Ivie
photo credit: Ivie

This was scheduled to be a 20-minute easy run but I was signed up for a half marathon so I ran that instead. I was pleased with my effort here as I had not gone out for more than four miles in several weeks. I could tell my stamina is lacking because I would have been more comfortable walking a lot more than I did after mile eight but I pushed through to a 2:21 finish with minimal pain.

IMG_1323Last word: PRO Compression is giving away $150 Shopping Spree on their website. They are about to release their Fourth of July sock as well as their July sock of the month. I have seen July’s sock and while I cannot give away any secrets, it is going to be everywhere you look!


Week One: Seawheeze Training Recap

IMG_0710Of the over 30 half marathons I completed last year, the Seawheeze was my favorite. Shocking, right? I mean, if lululemon is going to host a race, it HAS to be MY favorite, does it not? Truth-be-told, this race was not my favorite because of the host. It was my favorite because of location and the weekend’s events. With the release of the TackleBox Training app last week, I am now officially training for The Seawheeze!

I have not run much since the Phoenix marathon. By not much I mean I ran a total of 26.2 miles in April. There were two reasons for this. First, I needed a break. I was logging a lot of quality miles in the months leading up to the marathon and my body was ready for a rest. Secondly, I lost the joy of running.

So now I start anew!

In my opinion, the 14-week training app is geared more to getting runners to the finish line than it is to the runner who is looking to compete in their age group. Each week it follows the same format of:

Monday – Easy Run
Tuesday – Yoga
Wednesday – Speed work
Thursday – Cross training
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Long run
Sunday – Easy Run & Yoga

But I want to see if this app can be used by an experienced runner and still produce results. With that said, Week 1 is in the books and here is how it looked…

Mon., May 11

IMG_0711Donning my new Seawheeze participant pace breakers, I headed out for a 30-minute run down to the Venice Beach Pier and back. Full disclosure, my right leg has been hurting on runs of late and this was no different. I wish I could point to one area and say, “there!! It hurts right there!” I would be pointing to my entire right leg if I did that so…

Tues., May 12
Did I mention I am out of practice with my running? Well, I am even more out of practice with my yoga! I have not touched a yoga mat in at least two months. Needless to say, yoga was a strugglefest. The app comes with a link to a YouTube practice lululemon filmed specifically for runners. It seems like a very beginner-friendly practice but man did I struggle with it.

Wed., May 13

IMG_0712Back to running. Today was the first run workout of the training but with my leg hurting from the start, I ditched the speed work portion of the workout and only ran the 30 minutes down to the pier and back. By mile two my leg was in extreme pain and I was ready for the run and my pain to be over.

Thurs., May 14
I am starting to sound like a broken record here but it just goes to show how far out of shape I have let myself get recently. The app has a built in cross training workout I decided to try. It is nothing the average person could not do and you have the option of swimming, power yoga, spin class or anything else you would like to do to get active, except run. I was able to get most of the way through this workout but did not complete it in its entirety.  My leg was still bothering me and blah blah blah…I just did not feel like doing it anymore. Meh.

Sat., May 16

IMG_0713The first long run of training was here and it called for three miles. I would have knocked out three miles quickly a year ago but in my current condition, I was happy just to finish. My leg still hurt although not as badly as it had earlier in the week so I counted that as a win.

Sun., May 17
The final day of training for the first week and as excited as I was about starting training, I was equally as uninspired about my first week’s performance. An easy 20-minute run capped off my efforts which saw me log 11.27 pain-filled miles.