La Jolla Half Marathon Review


Expo: B

The expo was held inside the Hilton San Diego/Del Mar Hotel. Parking was easy, and free. The hotel ballrooms felt cramped with vendor’s booths but bib pick up was quick and painless.

Prerace/Post Race: A

With the race being a point-to-point event, there were two options for runners. Take a shuttle from the finish line to the start line in the morning or take a bus from the finish to the start after the race. I stayed closer to the finish and opted for the first option. The shuttles were charter buses and not school buses so that was a welcomed surprise. Also, there were plenty of buses available so it was not a long wait. My only issue, and it was not a big deal, was the bus got me to the starting area 90 minutes before the race. That was a little too early for my liking but with a 20+ minute ride to the start, I am not sure it was avoidable. I did not utilize the shuttle post race.


Course: B+

The views on the course were as advertised. AMAZING! Starting in Del Mar, running along the Pacific Ocean, through Torrey Pines National Forrest, and into La Jolla was breath taking. So were the hills. Looking at the course profile, I knew there was a MASSIVE hill in the middle of the route with a couple of smaller inclines mixed in but I felt like I was climbing the majority of the morning. The course also ran down what seemed like a residential alley and there was a part where runners had to navigate over a median in the road.


Medal: A-

The medal is a good size, colorful, and represents the race well. It is one which will stand out on your medal display.


Overall Grade: B+

This course was most likely a one-and-done for me. I took the race easy as I wanted to capture photos along the way and was still soul crushed by the end. A steep hill around mile 12 was the final straw.

Have you run this race? What did you think?


4 thoughts on “La Jolla Half Marathon Review”

  1. I ran the La Jolla Half for the first time this past weekend and agree with everything you said in this post! I was warned about the hill in the middle and end by friends who had done it so made sure to really train hills going into this race! I would have died if I wasn’t prepared for them.

    But hey congratulations! You finished one of the most challenging races San Diego has to offer WOOO!!!

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