A 24 Carrot Experience

The weekend that was SeaWheeze came and went. After almost 11 months of waiting, it was time to relive what I considered my favorite race of 2014.

The weekend started with a late Thursday-night flight to Vancouver. From the airport I proceeded directly to the convention center via the rail where I met up with Lisa, Richard, Carmen, Mikenzie, and Tracy. Anticipating a VERY large and early crowd for the lululemon Showcase Store, they had gotten in line around 10:30 pm.

IMG_2260I was shocked by how early people started lining up, the first people are rumored to have arrived shortly after 9 pm, and how long the line was just after midnight.

A trip to 7-11 for coffee with James was followed by a trip to Tim Hortons with Christina and her friends to help pass the time during the wee hours of the morning. Between the four and five o’clock hours were the most difficult for me to stay away as I neared 24 consecutive hours of being awake.


By the time six o’clock rolled in, I was running on pure adrenalin. The line was now wrapping around the convention center and it was estimated over 4,000 people were waiting for their chance at the exclusive SeaWheeze clothing line.

IMG_2272When the doors finally opened at 7 am, it was a mad dash for everyone to locate and secure their items.

IMG_2277Following shopping it was time to pick up my participant packet which consisted of a bag, water bottle, and runner’s bracelet.

IMG_2306I had time for a quick breakfast before heading back to the convention center to co-host the We Run Social Meet Up. Lots of people showed up but with so many people still shopping, in line, or with families most people were only able to hang out for a few minutes before heading off to their next destination. It was great to meet so many new people and see just how far the We Run Social movement has spread since its inception in May of this year.

IMG_2298By the time I finally made it to my hotel and was tucking myself into bed, I had been awake for 39.5 consecutive hours. Note, I do not recommend this if you are attempting to run a half marathon the next day.

Race morning I met up with several friends who were running the race, many of which were also wearing “TheGibblers” by PROCompression.

IMG_2330I had not run, at all, for five weeks leading up to the half marathon, again, I do not recommend this type of training, so trying to run for any specific time was out of the question. Luckily for me, the course works its way through beautiful downtown Vancouver before spitting you out along the Seawall, then through Stanley Park.

The views are beautiful. I am glad I was not “racing” because I enjoyed being with my thoughts and taking in the majestic views.

The Seawall

The final 8K (they use the metric system in Canada) was a struggle. My legs were tired, I was tired, and I was really ready to not be running anymore. Two things kept me going. First, I still had no clue what the medal looked like and secondly, I remembered the most amazing post-race waffles from last year and was super hungry.

The course itself is not one to try and go after that PR unless you are able to get to the front of the corrals. It is a very narrow course, especially along the Seawall where it is only four to five people wide and there is a very crowded out-and-back early in the run.

I collected my carrot medal, finisher’s cap, and post-race meal then met up with everyone else. The waffles alone are worth the trip. Yes, they are THAT good.

IMG_2363The SeaWheeze experience was winding down but far from over. Around 4 pm I made my way to Stanley Park where I flew through the sky on a trapeze, drank beer during the third, and final yoga session of the weekend, and carried on with friends during the three-band concert.

IMG_2429It is no wonder why this race keeps gaining in popularity. Lululemon pulls out all the stops and it is not just another half marathon, it is a weekend experience.

Vancouver is a wonderful city, one of the best I have visited, and if I am lucky enough to secure an entry into future SeaWheeze races, I will make this an annual trip. It truly is a bucket-list event.


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